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Pregnancy and Childbirth is such a wondrous time, a time to be treasured, as the memories last a life time. Do you want to feel CALM and in CONTROL as you welcome your beautiful newborn child into the world? Then Hypnotherapy could be answer for you.

Dandy has trained with the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Centre, a course accredited by the ROYAL COLLEGE of MIDWIVES

Stress and anxiety can cause very physical problems for the human body. By learning relaxation techniques and positive language patterns you can help your body work more naturally, effectively, just the way nature intended. We women were born with the ability to give birth!

Birthing is a natural process, so with knowledge and practise, Mum and Dad can experience the birth of their baby in the way that is right for them, an experience they will enjoy remembering time and time again.

Our Hypnobirthing programme consists of 5 one- one sessions, a workbook, Cd, daily practise sheet and much more. for only £300

Our Condensed Hypnobirthing programme consists of 3 one- one sessions, a workbook, Cd, daily practise sheet as above for only £180

Prices vary for Small Groups, contact Dandy for more information.

              Dandy offers a FREE consultation, so to find out more about hypnotherapy for Natural Birthing and Infertility

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          Dandy trained with Katharine Graves at The Hypnobirthing Centre, accredited by the ROYAL COLLEGE of MIDWIVES



Dandy offers Hypnosis for Hypnobirthing and Fertility so you can experience a more comfortable, natural birthing experience.  

                                                                          IT IS CONCEIVABLE!